Romeo & Juliet

Summer 2023

So you’ve come to see a play you already know the ending to…what were you thinking? But this is Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy (sorry Hamlet) and sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination, right? The Prince of Verona is struggling to keep the peace between two feuding families, the Montagues and Capulets.  The grudge is so old noone remembers how it started  (not even Shakespeare) but it’s going to take something  big to end it. Perhaps two young members of each family falling in love? Enter Romeo and Juliet… But time, loyalties and bad advice are all against these  star-crossed lovers and the path to their ‘happily ever after’ is full of twists and turns. So grab some food and your tipple of choice,  sit back and enjoy this absolute barnstormer  of a play. But you might need a tissue by the  end, because after all, everybody knows how  the story goes…
OffWestEnd Award Nomination: NICKY DISS (Director: plays)


  • Thomas Delacourt
  • Princess Donnough
  • Vicky Gaskin
  • Thomas Judd
  • Dewi Sarginson
  • Harriet Smithers

Creative team:

  • Director: Nicky Diss
  • Producers: Nicky Diss and Vicky Gaskin
  • Assisant Producer: Sarah Gain
  • Composer: David Knight
  • Costume: Grace Kelly Miller
  • Set: Tarn Aitken
  • Fight Direction: Annie Lees-Jones


“Nicky Diss…has taken a very familiar story and injected much vitality and warmth into it, with her snappy production carried off delightfully by all concerned.”

“A charming and throughly entertaining show”
-Broadway World

Audience Reviews:

“Absolutely excellent! We were amazed at how many parts each actor played and not only how many lines they learned but how totally believable each actor was in every part. Definitely a tour de force!”

“We’ve been watching these shows for a number of years now and they never dissappoint! Whilst many of the actors have changed this year, it was still as witty and humerous as ever with the obligitary audiience participation always rausing a smile! Keep up the good work and see you next year!”

“What a fantastic event. Never have I enjoyed Shakespeare so much! We’d seen Twelfth Night by the Open Bar a week previously and loved it so much, booked for Romeo and Juliet. It was highly entertaining – loved the audience participation, bawdy humour and occasional asides. The set was fantastic and the actors all full of energy. Very well done and thank you!”

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