"Surely this is how Shakespeare was meant to be performed?"


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Vanity Fair

“It beareth the name of Vanity Fair because the town where it is kept is lighter than vanity; and, also because all that is there sold, or that cometh thither, is vanity.” – The Pilgrim’s Progress

Into this world of Vanity Fair steps Becky Sharp, a poor but ambitious orphan determined to raise her standing in Regency London. Without a mother to make connections for her, Becky must make her own using only her brilliant wit and charm, first by taking advantage of her loveable (and gullible) friend Amelia, then Sir Pitt Crawley and his squabbling family. She wins over the higher ranks of the army as they battle Napoleon and returns to conquer the British aristocracy.

Join us in a Fuller’s pub near you as we follow Becky and Amelia as they rise and fall and rise again in the eyes of society. Four of Open Bar’s finest performers will play all the colourful characters of William Makepeace Thackeray’s ‘Vanity Fair’, with original songs, beautiful costumes and, of course, some signature audience participation.


The Comedy of Errors

Six actors bring to life this classic story brimming with Shakespearian wit and humour.

What happens when a man, Antipholus, and his servant, Dromio, arrive in town looking for their identical twins and are mistaken for the very twins they are looking for, who also confusingly have the same names as them (thanks Shakespeare)?

A comedy of errors, that’s what…



We are delighted to have won a Special Producing Award at The Offies and also congratulations to Thomas Judd for his win for Best Supporting Performance for Sense & Sensibility!