"Surely this is how Shakespeare was meant to be performed?"


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The Taming of the Shrew

A four-person performance with a contemporary twist on one of the bards most mischievous tales.

Everyone wants Bianca but until her sister, the quick tempered Katherine, is married off, their father won’t let anyone near her. Petruchio arrives in town announcing his need for a wife and he has one desire: that she be rich. Bianca’s suitors smell an opportunity…they’ll pay Petruchio to marry Katherine. And so follows a battle of wills for the ages.

The Comedy of Errors

Six actors bring to life this classic story brimming with Shakespearian wit and humour.

What happens when a man, Antipholus, and his servant, Dromio, arrive in town looking for their identical twins and are mistaken for the very twins they are looking for, who also confusingly have the same names as them (thanks Shakespeare)?

A comedy of errors, that’s what…



Huge congratulations to GRACE KELLY MILLER (Costume Design) & THOMAS JUDD (Best Supporting Performance) for their nominations for the 2024 OffWestEnd Awards!