The Comedy of Errors

July - September 2017

In summer 2017 Open Bar returned with not one, but TWO versions of The Comedy of Errors! Our “compact” tour comprised of four madcap and versatile actors and hatstand (yes, you read correctly!) playing the fourteen characters to hilarious effect! Our “classic” tour followed suit, bringing a high energy, huge scale The Comedy of Errors in all it’s full Elizabethan glory with six actors with big voices and even bigger personalities! Both tours received rave reviews and a “Break a leg” nomination for “best off-West-End play”.

I can’t wait to see more from Open Bar, they have produced my favourite incarnation of a Shakespeare play this year, so far – and I’ve seen a few!

Welcome to Ephesus! Unless you’re Syracusian, in which case you’re not welcome at all. In fact, if you’re caught you’ll almost certainly be executed. Luckily the Duke is currently distracted by an old Syracusian, Egeon, who claims he’s searching for his son Antipholus, and his son’s manservant Dromio, who happen to live – you’ve guessed it – right here in Ephesus! Two sets of identical twins with the same names? Sounds confusing…

Don’t worry though. A talented band of actors are here to guide you through the most entertaining production of The Comedy of Errors you will ever see. So buckle up, make sure you have plenty of booze to hand and ENJOY!

Company – Classic tour:

  • Vicky Gaskin (Dromio of Ephesus / Traveling Merchant)
  • Jennifer Healy (Luciana / Angelo / Courtesan / Duke)
  • Thomas Judd (Antipholus of Ephesus / Egeon)
  • Emma Longthorne (Dromio of Syracuse / Pinch / Abbess)
  • Christopher Whotton (Antipholus of Syracuse / Luce)
  • Jo Wickham (Adriana / Friendly Merchant)

Company – Compact tour:

  • Sarah Gain (Dromio of Ephesus / Luciana / Courtesan / Angelo)
  • Jack Harding (Antipholus of Syracuse / Travelling Merchant / Duke / Luce / Angelo)
  • Christopher Lane (Dromio of Syracuse / Pinch / Abess / Angelo)
  • Grace Miller (Antipholus of Ephesus / Adriana / Friendly Merchant / Angelo)

Creative team:

  • Director: Nicky Diss
  • Producers: Nicky Diss and Vicky Gaskin
  • Composer: David Knight
  • Company managers: Maria Shury-Smith and Sarah Gain 

Classic Tour:

Compact Tour:

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